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June 6, 2006

Little Bo Beep, revisited

Nine months after I posted my Little Bo Beep blog, my sister stumbled across it and emailed me. Here's some more Bo Beep on the net:

  • A CD by Joe Dowell titled Wooden Heart. The third track on this CD is titled "Little Bo Beep!"
  • For those with young kids who don't mind turning their brains into tapioca pudding, check out this Teletubbies DVD. It has a special featurette starring, you guessed it, Little Bo Beep.
  • For those who are looking for a Little Bo Beep costume for their toddler, look here. If you were looking for Bo Peep, you'll have to look elsewhere...
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle had an episode titled Little Bo Beep, according to this website.
June 5, 2006

It's a line drive toward third base, and it's lost in the lake!

I got to play softball during a rainstorm, on a red clay field over the weekend. I got to play third lake, er, third base. It's a good thing I was wearing cleats, or every move would have landed me on either my face or my butt.

If a ball landed in the infield, it would just stop dead in the mud. Made for interesting fielding. And when batting and base-running, I had trouble finding home plate!

October 18, 2005

Little Bo Bleep?

Ok, to begin this story, we have to set the flux capacitor to 30 something years in the past. I must have been about 6, old enough to read, and I was with my older sister reading a book of nursery rhymes. Anyway, I don't remember if it was in the table of contents, or at the top of the page, but the title caught my eye, so I asked my sister, "Who's Little Bo Beep?" (Yes, that's right, Beep with a "B"). My sister corrected me, saying, "it's Bo Peep.". I re-read the title, and it said "beep", clear as day. I think it was only misspelled in that one place, but we got a good laugh out of it.

Anyway, Norma, if you're reading this, you're probably amazed that I still remember this. So, what could have possessed my twisted little mind to dredge up this old memory 30 something years later to post in this blog? Well, I was emailing a friend of mine, and the topic at hand somehow drifted to car horns, and I was saying things like "beeping the horn" and somehow the word "beep" still brings back that typo many years later.

But, it gets better. I got curious (uh-oh), and did a Google search on "Little Bo Beep". I was curious as to whether that old typo had made it onto the Internet. I found way more than I bargained for.

Here's the entire rhyme of Little Bo Beep Scroll down to "Little Bo Beep" and click the link.
This one has the name correct.
This one has the name correct, but scroll down to the Color-By-Numbers sheet link. You'll see they used "Beep" instead of "Peep" there.
Here's a story someone else posted in their blog. This one has Bo-Peep in the first paragraph, and then it changes to Bo-Beep in the next.
And last but not least, here's Lollipop Lingerie's Little Bo Beep costume (not for kids!). This makes me wonder, maybe Bo Beep was actually Bo Peep's slutty cousin??

I wonder how many kids grew up, or are growing up now, thinking that the little girl who lost her sheep was really named Bo Beep?

And Norma, if you read this, write or call me and let me know how hard you laughed! Also, I seem to have misplaced my sheep...

July 7, 2005

Site seem a little faster now??

I've moved this site over to a faster server. Hopefully the pictures won't be as painful to download now. Unless you're on dial-up, in which case you have my condolences. :)

Thanks Doug for allowing me to host my site on the Home Theater Guide server. Hmm... I could use PHP now...

May 22, 2005

So, when is spring arriving anyway??

As I write this, we're going through our fifth, or is it the sixth, cold, rainy, dreary weekend in a row. I don't know, as I lost count. We still have to run the heat on a regular basis. This is a plea to whomever is in charge of the weather upstairs, it isn't early April anymore! I'm turning into a mushroom here, and we need to get the roof put on the house, which requires a few days of no rain.

On the other hand, we won't be missing the pool much this year if this keeps up.

May 8, 2005

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there!

April 28, 2005

1985 was 20 years ago...

I got a letter today regarding my 20 year high school class reunion. Many thoughts went through my head. It's unbelievable that 20 years have gone by since I was paroled graduated from high school. The thought that's going to nag me between now and October 1 (the date of the reunion) is the ever pervasive should I go?

You see, high school wasn't exactly the happiest days of my life. I was the class geek (and still am a geek!) and was frequently picked on. I had few friends. Once the cap and robe came off, I never looked back. Even 20 years later, I am hesitant. Part of me wants to go, and part of me doesn't.

Despite the fact that I hated high school, the 80s are still my favorite decade. Especially the music, and the movies. I have a large collection of 80s music.