We'll never forget the original Patz Catz...

This page was created as a tribute to our original three Catz, Misha, Jambo and Patches. We lost these three kitties in a fire on January 25, 2005.

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Misha was a brown tiger with gorgeous green eyes. I got her in 1991 when she was almost a year old, before I met Heather. As a result, Misha was always "my" kitty and she would always hang around with me, especially when I was on the computer. Misha was best known for being playful. Even when she was 15 years old, she would go nuts over her fuzzy toy mice. She also liked to crawl under the covers when we were in bed, and she liked to give us "kitty kisses".




Jambo was a longhaired black kitty with bright yellow eyes. He originally belonged to Heather's brother, and then in 1994 Heather took him in. Jambo was most noted for being a silly kitty. He liked to sleep on Heather's head in bed, and "pop wheelies" when you reached down to pet him. He would also jump on our backs when we bent over, and he would beg for our food, and he would also drink out of any container that was in the sink rather than the kitty's water bowl.




Patches was a tortiseshell cat that a co-worker's daughter found stray in the woods in 1996 as a kitten. We took her in and quickly fell in love with her rascally personality, kittenish meow and loud purr. She was the talkative kitty of the bunch, frequently meowing for food and treats.